giovedì 30 maggio 2013

Riceviamo da Kufstein

Abbiamo ricevuto dagli amici di Kufstein due graditissime email:


A: Massimo Donati
Immagine di Mayer Franz / Stadtwerke Kufstein
Dear Mr. President,
my dear friend,

i want to thank you too for the two wonderful days in bolzano and also in my opinion we should make this another time.

I want to thank giorgio for the nice fotos from our meeting.

I want to wish you, your wife and all our  friends from cittadella all the best for the future. Looking forward to our next meeting.

Best regards
Franz - RC Kufstein

Dear Giorgio,
thank you very much on behalf of myself and the president of the Rotary Club Kufstein, Franz Mayer, for your e-mail from May, 28 th, 2013, you have sent to me with the link to the photos, you have made during the halfway-meeting of our two Rotary Clubs.
One can see, how happy and content the atmosphere and all the participants during these two days have been.
But one also can see, how professionelly the photographer has worked. The perspectives are special, artistic and thoughtful. One could realy use them also for a picture postcard. Congratulation and thank you very much !
After having got your e-mail, I have sent it to our CICO (do you know, what that means ? – Club Internet Communication Officer), to transfer your photos into the home-page oft he Rotary Club Kufstein (I hope, you do not demand any copyright !?). But so all our members easily can see, how nice the two days habe been and what they have missed.
With your photos we realy do have a nice remembrance to two wonderful days. Thank you very much!
Kind regards to your amiable wife, to you and to all the members oft he Rotary Club Cittadella, having been in Bolzano last weekend.
With rotarian greetings
„Alf“ Alfred Parth
Rotary Club Kufstein


sabato 25 maggio 2013


 Full photo display of the two-days meeting HERE